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Welcome to THE artistic world of

rose street design!

Since 1985 Rose Street Design has provided a variety of beautiful stationery and calendars. Our headquarters are located in Lexington, Kentucky, heart of the bluegrass and home to Thoroughbred horse racing and bourbon. Our heritage has clearly influenced our products, as displayed in such lines as our Equestrian set of invitations and note cards and Desk Caddies.

The products offered by Rose Street Design are not just calendars or cards; or even just the cutest paper on the planet™. They are all works of art. Rose Street Design products are unique, and they provide our customers with the ability to have or give something distinctive and personal. You can even have the artist individually sign whatever products you select.

Our founder and creative director, Alice Underwood, also serves as our resident artist. Most of our products are Alice's personal designs, and she creates designs reflective of her personality and experiences. Our Photo Calendar not only provides creative expressive art, but is themed for each month.  Alice creates products that are fun, colorful, expressive, and allows our customers to have a personalized gift.

All of Rose Street Design's product offerings are either created by our artists or selected by Alice Underwood. Her approach defines the essence of what Rose Street Design is all about:

"Each year as I design the next year's calendar I let my mind wander to search for ideas. From the flowers and vegetables in my own backyard to a trip to Texas this summer there are endless ideas for art. Someone once asked me after seeing my new calendar with 12 new designs, "Do you ever run out of ideas?" Never!

Once a person starts seeing, really seeing, the world around us, art is everywhere. I have painted a calendar border of some tiny tomatoes from my backyard. They are beautiful and have a 5 pointed star-shaped green cap. After drawing the leaves and the tomatoes I realized that I wanted to concentrate on the star at the top of each tomato. The images became more stylized and when I showed it to a few people, some instantly said "tomatoes!" while others didn't know what I had drawn. You'll have to tell me what you think. And as I drew I was struck with how much each little tomato resembled a sand dollar with its 5-pointed star in the center of the circle. So I drew a sand dollar that I was so happy to have found combing the beach one summer day and thus began the next month's calendar border."

The personal touch of Rose Street Design is evident in many product lines,

"So when you look at the art at Rose Street Design you can just imagine me sitting in my somewhat messy studio surrounded by pottery from Texas, tiny tomatoes still on the vine, vases of flowers, seashells, pieces of old fabric, my grandmother's eyeglasses, photographs of dogs, postage stamps, fortune cookie fortunes, books, toy flutes, origami swans, paint, pencils and more! The art that I produce comes from my mind filled by my heart and soul. It is a gift to me and from me to you."

Thanks for visiting our art gallery! Alice
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