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Can I print my own invitations?
Yes, it's pretty easy. To set the type use any word processing software such as Microsoft Word or use Adobe Photoshop. You can run the invitations and notes through laser printers or inkjet printers. Before printing cut some paper out that is the same size as the card stock and use that to practice with to get the printing where you want it on the page. This cuts down on wasted invitations or notes. If you mention that you need practice samples we will try to send you some with your order depending on availability.
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If I print my own invitations can I use the fonts shown on the website?
Only if you have them on your computer. Remember to use a font or typeface that reflects the party you are throwing. Dressy, casual, for children or adults?
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Are envelopes included?
Yes they are unless otherwise noted on the item page. The envelopes will match the cards paper stock. Most are white or ivory.
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